Class YUI::JavaScriptCompressor
In: lib/yui/compressor.rb
Parent: Compressor



Public Class methods

Creates a new YUI::JavaScriptCompressor for minifying JavaScript code.

Options are:

:charset:Specifies the character encoding to use. Defaults to "utf-8".
:line_break:By default, JavaScript will be compressed onto a single line. Use this option to specify the maximum number of characters in each line before a newline is added. If :line_break is 0, a newline is added after each JavaScript statement.
:munge:Specifies whether YUI Compressor should shorten local variable names when possible. Defaults to false.
:optimize:Specifies whether YUI Compressor should optimize JavaScript object property access and object literal declarations to use as few characters as possible. Defaults to true.
:preserve_semicolons:Defaults to false. If true, YUI Compressor will ensure semicolons exist after each statement to appease tools like JSLint.


# File lib/yui/compressor.rb, line 183
    def initialize(options = {})